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Test Rubric

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Test Rubric

Post by Killer Spock on Wed Feb 18, 2015 11:09 am

Alright Admins and students this is our test rubric. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY.

Duel 20/20 3-0
      10/20 2-1
       5/20  0-3

Attitude 20/20

Deck Build 20/20
No Side Deck 10/20 automatic 10 points off the Test. No Excuses.

10/10 ruling knowledge

20/20 Illegal Use of Cards and Misplays. No Exodia. No Burn or Stall Decks. Which includes Six Samurai and Dark World. Marshallion, Destiny Board. No Decks with just Monsters that can't be destoryed by battle. If its a monster that has to be 1900 or less to destory it thats fine. Theses monsters are considered stall decks. No Ghostricks thats considered stall also. Note: If you or your tester loses connection during the duel, the duel must be retaking NO EXPECTIONS.

10/10 Skill

Theses are the rules for the test. I have written them down so everyone knows how to be tested. Their good be more deck lists that might end up on the banned list. Depends will have to see. Make sure you have read this before you or your tester begins. So I don't have to listen to those who said "well i didn't know" so everyone please read the test rubric before you take your test for a dorm. Oh and no other thing. If you test someone without permission and your not in green. You will lose 350 dp and be banned for 1 day. NO EXCUSES. You have been warned once and only once.

Thank You,

Yusei Fudo
Killer Spock

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